Sling Training Basics

What is a Sling Trainer?

Sling Trainers are also known as suspension trainers or suspended pulley trainers and use the principles of bodyweight training. In contrast to the commonly known weight training with barbells or training machines, sling training only requires a stable mount for the sling trainer and you can already start with your training.Outdoor Training Sling Trainer RowingThe build-up of a sling trainer is pretty simple, it basically consists of an anchor to mount it somewhere, two straps, and two handles that often also work as foot straps. There is a difference between common, static sling trainers and the dynamic suspension trainers by aeroSling. But we will get to that later. For now, it is sufficient to say: dynamic sling trainers – also called suspended pulley trainers – have a central pulley that extends sling training greatly, not only in regards to exercise variety but also when it comes to training methods.

How does sling training work?

Sling training uses a certain portion of your own bodyweight as the training resistance. The difficulty of each exercise can be adjusted progressively by simply adjusting your angle towards the anchor point:Info Graphic Difficulty adjustment Sling TrainingFor example, if you are rowing with a sling trainer you will make the exercise harder when you move your feet forward, further below the anchor point, because the portion of your bodyweight that you have to lift gets bigger. Conversely, when you stand up straighter the exercise will become easier. This principle works for all sling trainer exercises.And since we are already speaking of exercises: the exercise variety of a sling trainer is huge. There is no muscle group that you can’t specifically train with a suspension trainer.The special characteristic of functional training with a sling trainer is the fact that every exercise targets multiple muscle groups in combination. While training machines in the gym are the best choice when you want to target a single isolated muscle for bodybuilding purposes, a sling trainer will let you train movements that you will encounter in your everyday life or any other sport you do. This makes sling training so effective because it trains not only strength but coordination as well and it has noticeable positive effects on other areas in which you have to be physically active.
Where do I find sling trainer exercises?
Well, right here! We have a collection of exercise videos that will make your switch to sling training as easy as possible. In our sling trainer exercise video library you will quickly find the exercises that will help you advance in your training. So what are you waiting for? To the sling trainer exercise videos

aeroSling sling trainers – sling training with a pulley

Sling trainers by aeroSling have the characteristic pulley and, thus, are also called suspended pulley trainers or dynamic sling trainers. The pulley is a significant difference to static sling trainers and offers three important advantages over static suspension trainers that we want to show you here.The pictures below show the different build-ups of both sling trainer versions. Note that the aeroSling with the pulley has only one main rope that glides through the pulley, whereas the static Blackthorn Easy Trainer has two seperate ropes that are not directly connected to each other.
Static Sling Trainer - Schema
Build-up of a static sling trainer (click to enlarge)
Dynamic Sling Trainer - Schema
Build-up of a dynamic sling trainer (click to enlarge)

Advantages of the pulley

      1. The main rope can glide through the pulley over its full length which creates completely new sling trainer exercises that common static trainers cannot offer. Alternating movements like in the Power Press (video below) are possible and allow for a more diverse and variable training.
      1. Additionally, the pulley creates an additional instability in all sling trainer exercises. The main rope can move freely through the pulley so the trainee has to actively control the rope with strength and coordination in order to keep the balance. This makes aeroSling training even more effective.
      2. The pulley and together with the fact that the handles of the aeroSling ELITE can be removed allow the aeroSling to be used as a cable row. Simply connect a counterweight to one handle carabiner and you’re ready – the aeroSling is now a cable row. You can use a dumbbell, a kettlebell or one of our blackPack sandbags as the counterweight. Additionally, you can add our Blackthorn Rowstick to this cable row setup.
aeroSling ELITE training Blackthorn Rowstick kettlebell cable row

aeroSling – high-quality suspension trainers for highest demands

During production of the aeroSling sling trainer we use only high-quality parts that, to a big part, come from climbing sport. Thus, aeroSling sling trainers are perfectly prepared for any condition and reliable training partners in any wind and weather. Thanks to its modular build-up the aeroSling lets you exchange every part, for example to insert a different pulley or to use the Blackthorn Rowstick instead of the handles. The possibilities are almost endless and exceed everything that common static sling trainers can offer. If you are looking for a flexible suspension trainer of superior quality then the aeroSling is your best choice. Whether in your own training, when working with your customers as a personal trainer, or as addition to the training machines in your gym – the aeroSling ELITE is the first choice for trainees with the highest demands.