Exceptional Functional Training Equipment from Germany

Under the brand aeroSling we are offering dynamic sling trainers that offer a significantly more efficient and more versatile sling training than common sling trainers because of their innovative pulley. Our blackPack sandbags are extremely flexible, give you complete control over the training weight, and can be filled with sand as well as with water. Rope Training with the revvll PRO is a world innovation that is currently unmatched by any other product. It includes all the advantages of common rope climbing machines in a flexible, portable tool that can be mounted almost anywhere while offering a multitude of additional movements. Our Blackthorn Battle Ropes are available in different lengths and diameters and can be used for both indoor and outdoor training.Our focus lies on creating high-quality, mobile training equipment with which our customers can train almost anywhere. We are offering the most interesting concepts for functional training and bodyweight training. Training equipment by aerobis is produced according to high quality standards right here in Germany. Effective and sustainable training success for our customers is always in the center of development – whether they are beginners or professional athletes.In our aerobis shop we offer a broad portfolio that not only consists of our own products but also of products that supplement our equipment perfectly. The end customer and the professional gym – they will all find the best equipment for their needs in the aerobis shop.


A welcome addition to the arsenal of body weight workout equipment

Marc Sisson

The aeroSling ELITE is incredibly well made, easy to use, adaptable for all levels of fitness and can be used to work practically any muscle group. It nestles wonderfully into my health philosophy, a welcome addition to the arsenal of body weight workout equipment.

Bestselling Book author of ‘The Primal Blueprint’ - Marc Sisson
The Primal Blueprint founder

I love it!


I have been using the aeroSling for the past 6 months in my training facility and LOVE it! I train elite athletes of multiple sports specializing in Rotational Power. I find the aeroSling to have the versatility to perform a variety of exercises that would otherwise be impossible with the current conventional suspension systems. The quality of the product allows even my biggest, strongest athletes to Load & Xplode! I will be featuring some of the exercises I have been Xperimenting with on my website soon! LabX.tv

Coach Jason Glass
Jason Glass Performance Lab

The best workout device in today's fitness world


I must admit that the revvll is probably if not the best workout device ever in today's fitness world.
One of my best workouts with the revvll will be the biceps curl. Some will say the barbell curl might be the answer but I can argue that 'cause I workout with barbells too but I just discovered that the revvll is the best biceps builder and it gives you the fullest biceps pump ever.