blackPack® PRO How-To

Welcome to this blackPack® PRO how-to video. Now we show you how to open the blackPack® PRO. You first open the buckles, and then you unfold the top opening. And then you have free access to the loading bags inside the blackPack® PRO.

Once you have filled the loading bag, you can close it by twisting the top opening three times like this and then closing the attached buckle. And when you put it in, make sure to put it in this way with the buckle upwards to protect it when the blackPack® PRO is put on the ground, and then distribute the sand a little bit. And with the second loading bag, you point the buckle to the other direction to avoid buckle to buckle contact in the blackPack® PRO.
And then you just close it. And it’s pretty easy through the magnetic opening. And don’t twist it that way, because that doesn’t work obviously. Twist it the other way around, so that the side buckles can close like this. Then you reverse the process and simply close the top buckles as well, like shown here.

And you can either use the top handles like this for carrying the blackPack® PRO. Or if you don’t need them during training, you could also put them inside the center buckle system and close it like this.
And here’s how you compress the blackPack® PRO. You can pull on both ends of the buckled system like this, and adjust excess strap with the strap holders. Make sure not to hurt yourself on the strap holder. You can move them up or down, so they are not in the way for your exercise. Or you can even take them out.

This is what a fully compressed blackPack® PRO looks like. Nothing moves. It’s very stable, very solid. You can even use the solid side handles for doing some grip training, like we show here.

And to uncompress it, simply lift the buckle on one side and on the other side. It’s pretty easy and straightforward. And that’s actually enough. And now this is the unstable mode, where the blackPack® PRO is very flexible and sand is flowing freely in the blackPack® PRO.

This was the adjustment side, and this is the actual training side that is facing towards your body when you do the training. This side is always the side that should be facing towards you during the exercise. You see it here in a regular exercise or here during a shouldering exercise, and here during a squat. For some exercises though, you have to start with the adjustments side facing to you, but only because later you will twist the blackPack® PRO in such a way so that in the end position the training side will again be the side that will be in contact with your body.

Depending on the exercise, you might want to use the top-carry handles, which is very easy to do. And we show you here. You can also crisscross them to have a very narrow and sturdy grip, like this.

Of course you can connect the blackPack® PRO to our aeroSling system, especially the aeroSling Elite, where you can use the existing grip carabiners and connect it directly to the blackPack® PRO, like you see here, and do all kinds of crazy pushing and pulling exercises. Just so many ways to use in your functional training.