blackPack® Turkish Get Up

Turkish Get Up – Sandbag Exercise

Lie down on your back (supine) with the blackPack® Sandbag (training side facing up) parallel to your body next to your right shoulder. Roll to the right side and pull the blackPack® Sandbag on your right shoulder where you hold it with your right arm. Roll back, bend the right knee and put your left arm in a 35-45 degree angle on the ground. Hold your chest up and get up on your left elbow by pressing your right heel and your left forearm on the ground. Maintain an upright torso position and pull your shoulder blades back and down throughout the whole movement. Straighten your left arm to get up on your hand.

Then lift your hips up to get into a high bridge position. Pull your left leg back under your body with the knee towards your left hand. Now move into an upright half kneeling position. Stand up through your front heel into a parallel stand. Then go backwards through all the previous movements until you lie on your back again. Repeat or change to the other side.