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How nice of you to visit us. May we introduce ourselves?functional training equipment by aerobis group training 

Our company is located in the beautiful sport-centered city of Cologne, just a stone’s throw away from the German Sport University (Deutsche Sporthochschule). From here, we devshelop and distribute training equipment for Functional Training: the modern training for strength, endurance, and coordination. Our customers are gyms, clubs, personal trainers, and athletes that use our products at home, outdoors or simply wherever they are. We call them ‘all-round trainees’. It is for them and – not very altruistic – for ourselves that we design the products of our brands aeroSling, blackPack, Blackthorn, revvll, and verso360. Our main focus is always to produce equipment that is versatile, mobile, high-quality, and sophistically manufactured while, at the same time, offering very good design.


Our brands aeroSling, blackPack, revvll, Blackthorn, and verso360 all stand for high-quality equipment designed in Germany and manucaftured in the EU.

aeroSling – dynamic sling training

aeroSling sling trainer by aerobis

The brand aeroSling stands linke no other for innovative sling trainers that elevate effectiveness and exercise variation of sling training to a whole new level thanks to the unique pulley. From the aeroSling XPE, the entry to dynamic sling training, to the aeroSling ELITE, the flexible and expandable suspended pulley trainer, to the aeroSling ELITE Plus, our premium sling trainer model – our aeroSling sling trainers offer an unrivaled functional training with your own bodyweight that common, static sling trainers can’t compete with.

Innovative rope training with the revvll

revvll PRO rope training by aerobis

The mobile rope training with our revvll is the first one of its kind worldwide. Rope climbing as a discipline of functional training is a multifunctional strength endurance and coordination training. From now on, this training is possible even with a normal room height. The revvll PRO offers all advantages of common, stationary rope climbing machines in a mobile tool that weighs less than 6 kg (13 lb) including the 4 m (13 ft) long endless rope. It doesn’t stop there: only the revvll PRO offers pulling, pushing, and rotation exercises, giving you a new kind of training under high intensity. Depending on the mounting height and your own position to the revvll you will have different exercises that no other piece of training equipment can offer.

blackPack sand & aqua bags

blackPack Sandbag - single-leg deadlift

In addition to the training areas sling training (bodyweight training) and rope training, our brand blackPack forms a fitting complement for training with loads. Our blackPack sandbags are individually fillable, multi-functional strength bags that can be filled with sand or even water, thanks to the special Loading-Bags. With the blackPack PRO and its compression starps you can decide whether you want to train with a tightly compressed training weight or rather use the increased instability of freely distributed Loading-Bags to strengthen your core muscles and increase your coordination. The blackPack ESY, on the other hand, is available in three different sizes. Thus, everyone will find the perfect sandbag for them and their training.

Simple. Better. Training. – Blackthorn

Blackthorn Battle Rope group training

Under the brand Blackthorn we offer established training equipment in high quality at an competitive price. Here, you will, among others, find our Battle Ropes that are available in several lengths and diameters. With their special weaving technique and the reinforced rope core these battle ropes are especially durable and also very well suited for outdoor training. The material is UV-resistant and doesn’t lengthen when wet. Thus, you will have fun training with them wherever you are and which ever weather conditions you are confronted for a long time.

The brand Blackthorn offers even more equipment at a great price: starting with the Blackthorn Easy Trainer, a reduced to the basics, static sling trainer with very easy handling, over to the Rowsticks that work with the aeroSling ELITE sling trainers as well as the resistance bands like the Blackthorn Elastic Tubing, to the point of gym rings and power bands. With Blackthorn you will find everything you need for your functional training.

Multi-functional, individual frame solutions with the verso360 system

Rendering - verso360 training frame by aerobis

Even though we are working on it – up to now all our equipment doesn’t fit in your sports bag. Our verso360 training frames, however, are very compact and are characterized by their great variability. Whether you want to start off small and just hang up two sling trainers, mount a single squat station to your wall, or whether you need a 6 m long rig for your group trainings: with our free-standing, wall-mounted or hybrid frames we can install the fitting solution to your professional needs. The possibilities are vast: combine the verso360 frames with our equipment and hang from the aeroSling sling trainer, pull the revvll PRO, rotate with the Blackthorn Elastic Trainer, climb the Top-Element XL, push from the dip station, clean and jerk the barbell…

All or products at a glance

Wanna take a closer look at our products? Then take a look at our online product catalogue or download it. If you prefer browsing through a real catalogue simply send us a quick message to office@aerobis.com and we will send you one to your home. You can easily shop our products directly in our online shop or from one of our merchants.

All-in-one solutions

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your CrossTraining box, the new functional training area in your gym, or do you want to open your own personal training studio?

Example - Functional Training Area by aerobis

We can support you while planning your spatial requirements and can design an individual offer including training frames, flooring, storage racks, and, of course, a reasonable mix of equipment especially catered to your training concepts. Whether you want to realize group training, athletic training, or constantly changing WOD’s: we will help you to inspire your customers with our know-how and our training equipment.

Both for first-time gym owners and gym chains we have designed all-in-one solutions in the form of bundles that all are customizable to your wishes. If you want you can come visit us in our FuncMove Gym in Cologne Lövenich or – even better – pack your sports clothes and join us in our after-work workouts. You won’t get to know us and our training philosophy better in any other way.


The drive behind the development of our training equipment is our own training with it. Sounds logical, right? We are looking for new training methods that will make functional training more effective or more versatile, that will result in even more sweat dropping on the floor, and that will give us an even better feeling after working out. This also results in a bunch of exercises and know-how that we love to share with you.

aerobis workshops for Functional Training

In our Intro-Workshops, we and our Master Trainers will give you you a fundamental overview of functional training and show you how to use our products so that they adaot to you and your training progress. If you are a trainer yourself and want to impart knowledge, our certification workshops are the best choice for you.

Even more inspiration can be found in our Blog. We and cooperating fitness experts post new articles regularly about the topics training, nutrition, regeneration, and also company news. If you subscribe to our newsletter you will automatically be notified about new posts and products.


Do you have questions about our products? Did you dislike something or like something in particular? Do you have a new exercise for us that we haven’t thought of yet? Do you have a blog topic that you want to see covered by us or that you want to write about yourself? We are looking forward to hearing from! Call us (+49)(0)2234 9895290 or use our LiveChat directly on this site. You can get a hold of us Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5 pm CET. Or simply send us an email to office@aerobis.com.