aeroSling sling training in the workshop

The time has finally come:

aerobis now offers you the possibility to learn more about Functional Training with our products. From this year onwards we organize regular periodic practice workshops focussing on the aeroSling sling trainer, the blackPack sandbag, the Battle Rope, or the revvll ONE.

  • You enjoy training with sling trainers, sandbags, Battle Ropes, or the revvll?
  • You are enthusiastic about Functional Training and need more input?
  • You want to get tips and ideas for your workout?

Our four-hour workshops provide you with useful information concerning our products and additionally give you interesting insights on Functional Training and Functional Movement. Our aerobis Master coach will let you experience live and direct what an effective whole body training is all about.

For beginners and new customers we offer so-called Intro-Workshops. From now on new customers will get an unbeatable discount when purchasing one of our products.

Experienced athletes will get an even further understanding of our products in our Advanced-Workshops.

blackPack group training in the workshop