revvll PRO - rope trainer

899,00 €

incl. 19 % VAT Shipping extra.

Discover rope training anew with the revvll PRO! The 4 m endless rope allows for a unique rope training in all dimensions & can be adjusted in 6 resistance settings.

With free aerobis Rucksack XL for safe and easy transport!

revvll Adjust - wall mount

499,00 €

incl. 19 % VAT Shipping extra.

The revvll Adjust is a wall mount for the revvll PRO rope resistance trainer. Ideal for a secure mounting of the revvll PRO and the best choice to get all the possible exercises with pulling and pushing movements in all dimensions.

revvll PRO Carabiner

14,90 €

incl. 19 % VAT Shipping extra.

 Carabiner for revvll PRO rope trainer

The revvll is an amazing world innovation. There really is nothing like it that is even remotely comparable in flexibility, effectivity, and mobility. The rope training of the revvll can be executed in all directions in push and pull movements. With its eddy current brake the resistance can be regulated in 6 different settings that offer the right resistance for every fitness level.

What really makes the training with the revvll so unique is the high time-under-tension, which results in high blood flow through the muscles during the exercises. Therefore, extreme training results are guaranteed. The revvll not only has all the advantages of common rope climbing machines, but combines them with the typical aerobis-characteristics flexibility and mobility. The revvll PRO weighs slightly more than 5 kg and that includes the endless rope! In addition, the revvll PRO costs only a fraction of what common rope climbing machines cost.

The revvll PRO is only available for a short period of time but already the feedback is overwhelmingly positive! As soon as a new batch arrives it is almost completely sold out. We are working really hard to fulfill every order as soon as possible.